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About us

About Us

Who we are

  • Professional developers

    Cyberhealth365 development team is continuously creating new applications to enhance the IT in the healthcare domain. Using latest technologies, the applications are adapted to doctors needs. Since 2014 we developed window based and web based software's where the patient is the main target. The applications we propose are designed with doctors to provide several powerful functions for a better patient care.
  • Purely medical application

    Cyberhealth365 is also specialized in medical national registry software's. We have worked with different medical syndicates and health ministry's to develop and implement software allowing the centralization of medical data in a same country and the creation of national medical reports.
  • quality assurance

    Cyberhealth365 products can help support clinicians and healthcare operations in such a way as to ensure they operate both efficiently and optimally. Cyberhealth365 consider IT as the key to unlock the potential of healthcare centers and persons that works within them

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